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Stormy uses SQL for select, insert, update and delete. So no proprietary dialect, criteria or other things to learn. The SQL statements are just included as strings in the sources. Keeping it Small and Simple. And powerful: using SQL the system does not limit itself.

The SQL statements can be developed and tested within the database itself, and then used in the source files.

C# mappers
Mappers are implemented in plain C# (or Basic if you want). So no XML or other hard configuration. And it can be compiled.

The mappers can be registered once, and they are then used automatically. Stormy itself contains these registers and selects the right mapper (using its generic parameter).

Besides this, the mappers can also be specified with the query as additional parameter. This is sometimes convenient, for example to specify a constructor argument.

Finally, for single-time mappings, there is no mapping object necessary: a lambda does the job then.

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